First year project

Magic Writer is a game that I created 6 months into the my first year at university together with a group of five other students. It is a game where you play as a magician taking his vacation on a nice looking beach when suddenly horrific monsters starts to attack from the ocean. It is up to the magician to type objects into existence and throw them at the monsters in order to save the residents at the beach.

What did I work on in Magic Writer?

I implemented mechanics such as movement of the main character, the typing mechanic, throwing mechanic, particle systems, animations, local high-score system and more. Because this was our first project at the University we did work together on a lot of tasks in order to figue out how to implement them.

What program and language was used?

Magic Writer was written in C++ using a library called SFML.

If you want to download and play Magic Writer you can download it here.


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