First year project • STEAMTeamCrew

Frog Climbers is a game that I created together with a group of three other students. It started out as a game for a school course but we ended up working on it for 1.5 years. During this time we created a company called TeamCrew in order to cooperate with our publisher Plug In Digital.

At the end we finally released our game on Steam the 6th of October 2016.

What did I work on in Frog Climbers?

A lot of different things, I was a single programmer working in Unity. I wrote all the code including  movement of the frogs, menu systems, game modes, daily challengess,  Steam API, random generation of mountains to climb and more...

As well as coding I worked on alot of technical parts of Unity such as setting up prefabs, implementing third party software such as Rewired in order to support multiple controls.

What program and language was used?

Frog Climbers was done in Unity and all the code was written in C#. In order to implement Steam API I used a C# wrapper called Steamworks.NET which converts Valves original C++ to C#.

If you want to read more about Frog Climbers you can visit the official website or visit our Steam page.


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