Second year project • Itch.io • Bad Charger


Anchored is a vertical slice that was created with a group called Bad Charger, it consisted of me and five other students. Anchored was created for a school course during 8 weeks. The vertical slice was very well liked but was never finished due to the group going separate ways after the course.


What did I work on in Anchored?

A lot of different things, I was one out of three programmer. I implemented smaller features here and there but I mainly worked on the settlers state machine such as selecting settlers, controls groups, making the settlers walk, build houses, gather resources, and other states. I also implemented features as inventory, equipment and an ability system.


What program and language was used?

Anchored was developed in Unity and all the code was written in C#.


More info about the vertical slice and where it can be downloaded and played can be seen over at our Itch.io page.


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